April 12, 2024

 Amazing Handy Google Tricks You Never Knew About

Google sure
such an amazing website that most people rely on it daily to provide
them with all kinds of help ranging from services to information. Nothing is quite interacting more than having your browser talk back to you. Yet, as it turns out,
Google offers loads of cool tricks that you have probably never even
heard of let alone checking them out. Alright lets have a look at these amazing 12 things you can do or tell Google to do without them even knowing!

 1. Tell Google to do a Barrel Roll:
It is quite amazing and spectacularly to tell a Google search to turn around and sure it obeys and does exactly what you tells it. That’s the situation here, it works on definitely any browser you try it on. A handy tool to show off you smartness.
 2. Google Timer:
Type in ‘five minute timer’ and Google will present you with just that. In fact, you can request a timer of any length at all. What a cool feature!

3. Google Books Ngram Viewer:
Google Ngram
allows you to search through over 5 million books printed since 1500 to
see how frequently they have been mentioned through the centuries. This
is very informative!

4. Spelling out Long Numbers
Some numbers are so long that it
can be hard to figure out exactly how they are to be said in English.
Fortunately, Google allows you to find out simply by typing the number
followed directly by =English.


Checkout pronunciation of large numbers

5. Manual Writing:
For those learning peculiar writing systems, like the Japanese, Google Translate allows you to write by hand the symbol which it will then translate for you. 

6. Google Fonts:
If you are looking for a fun and stylish font to use, Google Fonts offers many that you can download for free.

Numerous fonts on Google fonts

7. Google Scholar:
Google Scholar
is a database designed for searching academic articles and books that
have been peer-reviewed. So, if you need to look for something from a
particularly refined subject, this is the best place for it.


Search books and articles using Google Scholar

8. Google Trends:
Google Trends allows you to see what people around the world are most interested in on any given day, or over certain periods of time.

9. Animal Sounds:
Whether you type in ‘Animal Sounds’
or just the name of a certain animal, Google has stored a vast number
of animals sounds you can hear at the drop of a hat. This is great fun
when you want to play with infants.

Animal Sounds Using Google

10. Zerg Rush:
If you actually enter the above command in your search, little-like O’s will pup-out, flying all over your browser, tends to clean up the whole search results then at last forms the letter “GG”. Quite a blissful encounter.

11. “the answer to life the universe and everything”:
when entered in Google, it displays a certain calculator displaying the number 42. Well, it is yet to be known what this number stands for.

12. Find chuck norris
This displays the statement below;
Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Your search – Chuck Norris – did not match any documents. Suggestions: Run, before he finds you.
So, just as Google suggested, run before it finds you. To where!
Ref: Ba-bamail.com

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